About Us

Amazing Food Solution started with a simple vision - to make this world a healthier place.

Led by Ph.D nutritionists, we bring unparalleled expertise in the field of personalized nutrition.

We make the world a healthier place through personalized nutrition.

Why personalized nutrition?

Personalized nutrition means providing the right diet or dietary advice to individuals, taking into consideration individuals' health parameters, clinical symptoms, dietary restrictions, and lifestyle. 

Food designed to manage or combat clinical symptoms can significantly change the course of illnesses. Personalized nutrition ultimately saves cost and allows people to live to the fullest.

Meet Grace

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Dr. Grace Park

Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO of Amazing Food Solution, Inc.

Founder and CEO of ICAN Nutrition Education and Research

Former director of food & tech lab, Pangyo Startup Campus

Former adjoint professor of department of nutrition, Kyunghee University, South Korea

Former research faculty of Newcastle University, U.K.

Ph.D in Nutrition, Pennsylvania State University (Minor in Statistics)

M.S. in Nutrition, Sookmyung Women's University

B.S. in Nutrition, Sookmyung Women's University

Core Competencies

Unmatched expertise by real experts

As a group of Ph.D nutritionists, clinical nutritionists, professional chefs and data scientists, Amazing Food Solution is capable of building digital therapeutic solutions and providing medical food for patients.


for more impact

Amazing Food Solution actively collaborates with healthcare providers, insurance companies, mobile service providers, biotech companies, hospitals and food manufacturers.

For example, we have a patent for recommending personalized meal program based on customers' genetic test results and health data. To provide this service, we collaborate with a leading biotech company specializing in genetic testing.

Industry-leading database for sophisticated analysis

Amazing Food Solution is a data-driven company. All of our nutrition evaluation algorithms, data insights and medical food recipes build upon our database.

Types of Database

Food and nutrient database

Our massive food and nutrient database is larger than governmental food databases of the United States, Japan and South Korea combined. Each food data has up to 99 nutrients analyzed. All food data is recipe based, which means that if a recipe is altered, the nutrition facts will reflect the change.

Recipe database

Recipe database is categorized by medical condition. Some examples of categories are recipes for patients with diabetes, stomach cancer, etc. In addition, our recipe database includes over 6,000 original recipes to manage these health conditions. 

User-generated database

User-generated database stores dietary data from patients, categorized by medical conditions. It enables us to detect dietary patterns of patients and ultimately predict the future health condition of patients based on what they eat today.